1 - The Preparation

A twenty-one year old motorcycle needs a bit of preparation before heading out on a 15,000 mile trip. If I were a motorcycle mechanic, I'd starve. The work was frustrating, but in the end, the bike is pretty well reconditioned:

  • Timing belts
  • Radiator, flush and fill
  • Plugs, fuel and air filters, and battery.
  • Remove, clean, grease, and reassemble the Final Drive and Drive Shaft.
  • New Tires
  • New Wheel Bearings
  • New cigarette lighter style accessory outlet in the fairing.
  • New Magellan RoadMate 2200 GPS

Yea - It was a LOT of work.

I learned a lot. Having worked on bikes in the past, I knew it would be tough.
Dealers won't work on stuff older than 7 years so there wasn't a plan B. I had to get it running or the trip wouldn't happen.

My e-bay special is looking much better now that it's put back together. But I'll leave those pictures for the next post. Time to start packing.


The motor is at Top Dead Center (TDC) so now it's time to install the new timing belts and then button up the motor and pray that it runs (without blowing up.)













The antifreeze didn't look too bad when I removed the radiator. The belts weren't bad either. It looks like the previous owner had taken pretty good care of the bike. Not bad for an e-bay impulse buy.


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Zack Luszcz said...


Surfing through Facebook and found this your blog address. Very interesting...I remember you mentioning this trip when you finished up in W-S. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have you thought of getting a new pup?


Mike said...

Been there done that. Timing belts, starter, stator, clutch plates, water pump, etc.... You get the picture. I keep telling myself, OldWings are cool, OldWings need maintenance, OldWings are cool, OldWings need repairs, OldWings are cool! Love my Wing. Its been a good ride.

1985 GoldWing Aspencade, Central Texas

Midknight [future winger] said...

I know it was alot of time and work documenting and posting your trip. THANK YOU ! COOL website. I learned alot.

Anonymous said...

I always liked seeing those 50 state pictures on the side of RV's with some or all of the states filled in. Something about it. You encouraged me to try to work on some old bikes again. I even had idea for fix co-op, museum, the Sotheby's auction house idea...but that's too much. Nice website. Enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

I have the same bike and its so fun to ride. They look like twins. I'm getting ready to take a 1900 mile run to Illinois from California. Any suggestions? I got 65,000 on the bike. What did yours have when you started the trip?